Collaborate with UnivAssist to advance your international student recruitment initiatives

UnivAssist's management team brings deep knowledge about the education markets in India, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We work with partner universities to provide key market insights, set enrollment objectives for target cities, position our partners to exceed targets and provide measurements to track efficiency of multiple initiatives. Based on the enrollment plan, UnivAssist leverages the following activities:

  • Provision of country coordinator to drive recruitment efforts year-round
  • Small group tours in fall and spring
  • Events to boost yield percentage
  • Recruitment fairs
  • Local mailing campaigns
  • Press conferences to announce country-specific scholarships


UnivAssist collaborates with the most trusted local public relations and strategic communications consulting firms to support media relations activities in India for North American institutions. We work with universities to understand their PR goals, craft strategies and choose between various media communication platforms including press conferences, press releases, and one-on-one interviews. We help prepare spokespersons of the institutions and equip them to deliver key messages at media forums. We offer media relations services including:

  • Press conferences
  • Press releases in various cities across India
  • Media interviews
  • Developing media kits
  • Media monitoring


UnivAssist revives alumni relations

After graduating with degrees from reputed North American institutions, many talented individuals choose to return to their home country. Often with an individual’s return from studies abroad, the educational institution in North America loses its connection with these alumni. UnivAssist not only helps track down alumni by leveraging local alumni and media services, but also helps maintain the engagement through regular organization of valuable and productive alumni networking events. International alumni can be a strong factor in maintaining brand image, supporting student recruitment and also in generating funds. With this great opportunity, many institutions are increasingly looking to strengthen these connections over time.


UnivAssist enables cross-border institutional partnerships and collaborations between North American education institutions and international education institutions in the following areas:

  • Joint Social Projects
  • Faculty Exchange
  • Student Exchange
  • Joint Research Projects
  • Articulation Agreements
  • 2+2 Programs

Based on the objectives, we enable North American institutions to seek quality partner institutions in India, Latin America, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East, drive local discussions through the memorandum of understanding phase, the finalization of agreements and on-the-ground follow up post-agreement to ensure successful partnerships.


UnivAssist provides local support to enhance academic and cultural experiences

We passionately believe that internationalization is a two-way street. We encourage international students to choose a study abroad program to take advantage of the diverse academic and cultural opportunities that these countries provide. We plan student trips, provide mentoring, local guidance and infrastructural support to students through our offices to enhance the experiences of study abroad.

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