Recruitment Tours

COVID-19 UPDATE: We continue to closely monitor and evaluate the global situation. For student recruitment this summer and fall, check out our WebiFair virtual events, which were launched this spring with great success.

Recruitment Events

UnivAssist Student Recruitment Tours

This year, KIC UnivAssist is celebrating 10 years of collaborating with 200+ university partners! We invite you to join us this summer and fall for student recruitment opportunities with WebiFairs in India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Come experience the WOW!

Since 2010, UnivAssist has led 75+ successful student recruitment group tours in India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In 2019 alone, UnivAssist conducted 9 full-length student recruitment tours across 16 countries in four world regions.

Experience the WOW!

Undergraduate recruitment tours provide a great opportunity to connect with prospective students and meet counselors around the world.

  • Small group format for high-quality student interaction
  • Experienced tour leaders who teach/counsel students
  • Visits to national and international high schools (2-4 per city)
  • Workshops about the U.S. higher education system

To receive more information on student recruitment, please get in touch with us at:

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